Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Little Golden Brick

A golden brick reminder at a golden time of change such as this.
"For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."
- Hebrews 3: 4 (NIV) -

The day for the change finally came. It wasn't easy but it wasn't too hard either.
Maybe because I know the people there beforehand, so I can dare say it is easier for me.

However, I find myself talking a lot more than usual. Why do I do that?
These people just seemed to be so interested in my job, the things I do and the things that I love to do.
A change I find so queer in myself is that I am perpetually sharing about myself and my passion.
I wasn't like that in the past, I used to keep to myself most of the time. Just sharing random interesting facts every now and then.
Maybe now, the only difference is I got loads of interesting facts in my head.
The surroundings on Fridays and Sundays will be very very different from now on.

I know it will take some time for me to settle down in this new environment.
I will be struggling, but yet I will keep myself cool and get to know these people.
Early this year, I said to myself, 'I want to be an effective vessel of God no matter where He places me; in S35, my workplace, or anywhere else.'

When He placed me in S35, I gave everything I have to S35 because I always believed that I am there for a reason. Now, there won't be any difference, I will still be the little brick that I promised God I will be because He is the builder of everything and He knows the time and tide for a little brick like me.

I thank God for the experiences and encounters that He gave me so far.
I thank God for the people I met along the way, those that stick around, and those who still make an effort to stay connected to me.

Just keep building the Kingdom of God in the ways that God had placed in me.
Reaching out and being a support to those who needs my help.
A vessel for Christ.
I've been on the receiving end for the past few years, now, it is time that I am the one giving instead.

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