Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So after almost one year in the office, I am in a season where I felt I am overworked.
Some days I wake up, I am excited to go to work.
Some days I wake up, I dreaded to go to work.
I find myself going to office earlier and earlier and leaving office later and later each day. Worst of all, I find myself going back on Sundays even!!!

Whose expectation am I trying to meet?
I think mostly it is my own expectations of myself, besides the fact that the client is giving me loads of deadlines also.

How on earth do people OT everyday?
I am so sick of OT-ing. I love my job, wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world, but I just can't understand why do I need to work as if I am 3 persons in one. Can't wait for my carefree weekday nights to come back to me!

Now on a brighter side, I am indeed on a steep learning curve. Everyday I felt as if I am being saturated with new capability, new skill, new shortcuts, new way of management, new discoveries. I love the new growth level but maybe not the rate that I am growing in now.

PS: Landscape Architects still has the best job on earth. Yay to that!

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