Monday, July 14, 2014

Expecting more and more!

So these days, it seems as if work is overwhelming. However, after I prayed about it yesterday night, I am going to share one that I have a strong desire will happen. SCLD to get another conservation project, be it in Singapore or out of Singapore. I love the vision that my boss has,he gives attention to things most landscape architect do not. I know how my boss is worried despite already submitted and attended so many interviews. I pray that we will get another project that will keep us excited. One simple prayer request. Another exciting project that comes our way!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So after almost one year in the office, I am in a season where I felt I am overworked.
Some days I wake up, I am excited to go to work.
Some days I wake up, I dreaded to go to work.
I find myself going to office earlier and earlier and leaving office later and later each day. Worst of all, I find myself going back on Sundays even!!!

Whose expectation am I trying to meet?
I think mostly it is my own expectations of myself, besides the fact that the client is giving me loads of deadlines also.

How on earth do people OT everyday?
I am so sick of OT-ing. I love my job, wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world, but I just can't understand why do I need to work as if I am 3 persons in one. Can't wait for my carefree weekday nights to come back to me!

Now on a brighter side, I am indeed on a steep learning curve. Everyday I felt as if I am being saturated with new capability, new skill, new shortcuts, new way of management, new discoveries. I love the new growth level but maybe not the rate that I am growing in now.

PS: Landscape Architects still has the best job on earth. Yay to that!