Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Jesus Alone Enough for You?

As usual, every Monday I will listen to CityRadioOnline. And how I love this week's episode because I can relate to it.

'To grow in maturity in God'. 
I knew this is my season of life now since a couple of months ago. Yet somehow, I don't know how to even though I know I need to.

Today's episode asked one question, 'Is Jesus Alone Enough For You?'.
I've been loving Jesus ever since I knew Him but if you were to ask me, 'Is Jesus alone enough for me?'  , then I am not sure I can give you one straight answer that He indeed is because there is a lot of worldly things that I still treasure.

I come to realize that my joy is determined by my circumstances and the people around me most of the time. Yes, it is true that you guys are a great factor that contributed to my joyful personality, but I depended on this for a long time that now when life circumstances changed and the people around me changed, the JOY had been leaking out , drop by drop everyday day without me noticing it.

I want a lifeline of JOY that never leaks or dissipates. 
And that lifeline is JESUS.

JOY is the fruit of the Spirit. It grows in you.
Cultivate JOY by walking with the Spirit.
The more you walk with the Spirit, the more you maintain that JOY.

Thank you for reminding me of the first experience of  EVERLASTING JOY that I've found in You since 12 years ago.
How can I forget the one lifeline of Joy that has always been there?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random train of thought!

Heard this song on online radio today while working. This is indeed one of my favourite Korean duet song.  The content is as cheesy as can be, but then, one will just smile when listening to this song because its just so relaxing.

Then as the years passed, Korean's collaboration just gets more interesting. Especially those released during summer, just makes you get off your chair and move along with the tune because it relaxes the muscles.

Soon enough I find myself being drawn towards the Indie side of Korean music, but yeah, I still prefer female and male singers collaboration together. Even the music video quality are getting better and better! So creative!

The music choices somewhat proves how I've grown over the years with Korean music accompanying me along the way. A random night of blogging about random stuffs that comes to my head.

The heart is really a complicated organ that even it's owner do not know what is going on in it!

Hope you peeps enjoy the music videos I've posted here!
Will be blogging more, hopefully!!
Went through a lot of firsts in the last months, and I am enjoying myself!
Spending quality time with people that matters to me, and the people that love me!