Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Red Bull Canvas Cooler Singapore

Have you heard of Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project?

Yeah, somehow I ended up participating in the pioneer project in Singapore.
How I end up doing this, you ask? Well, it is because of a friend's recommendation and because he thinks that I can do it and because he is the NUS ambassador for Red Bull. And of course, after I checked the website out, I was so tempted to send my application in and BOOM, I attended the briefing last sunday and today, I got the canvas cooler delivered to my doorstep!

The duedate is really crazy because it is near all my submissions and before my last paper.
And some of my studio-mates say I take it onto myself because I know about our tight schedule all along.

However, somehow deep down inside, I know if I do this, I will be really happy that I am able to end my last semester in NUS not just doing purely dissertation, studio and all the other assignments. I know I do not want to end it just like all the others.

Since I decided already that I will be doing it, why regret it now? It is better that I transfer all my energy to make it look damn fantastic! And I am glad and thankful for the people around me that supports and encourages me to do it even though it seems really impossible! And the willing-ness to lend a hand, or ear listening to me. Thank you a bunch!


This is going to be an exciting month!

If March is the month of Hardwork and Discipline, I would need a double portion of it next month but I am sure it will come with a lot of FUN, FUN, FUN too!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One of my favourite movie! And my favourite scene from the movie! The lyrics to the songs are just so sincere and simple. Some times that is what we, human need in life!

Been busy the past weeks.
Never felt this stressed before.
It doesn't help when the friend who can be very relax most of the time is also very stressed up now because of all the deadlines all coming together.
The mind is just too caught up in school assignments.

Well, look at the bright side, I am graduating soon! (not too sure whether I am looking forward to that or not.. Haha)

The uncertain future ahead, somehow I am not too worried about it.
Everything will fall into place when the right time comes because I believe that He will provide like He always did. He never failed me before and He always gave me more than I hoped for!
And maybe because I got a sister who really lives by faith, and so far I always witness how God had been providing for her even when the circumstances told me otherwise. I am amazed by her faith level, and yeah, I secretly hope mine is as somewhere near hers. Hehe.

Toodles! Need to get back to writing my dissertation! I only got 1000+ words for now!
And oh ya, I am heading back for CILIWUNG REVISITED 2 in a couple of hours time.
Not the best timing to go, but I do believe that this time, it is going to be so different (despite the fact that we are going with 22 Swiss students)!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

MARCH is here!

Cute music with cute singers. Haha. Dedicated to you out there who guided and thought of my well-being when I was so cooped up in NUS the past week.

JANUARY - month of travelling
FEBRUARY -  month of spending time with loved ones (friends and family)
MARCH - month of hard work and discipline

I love long bus rides back from cell group meeting. Why? Because that is the time when I can sit down and think of my week. Everything in Singapore happens very fast. Everything changes even before you can know it. Deadlines draw nearer even faster in this time zone. Haha.

March and April is going to be an exciting month! 2 months of hard work and discipline, to be on time for most of the assignments, to set aside expectations for myself and at the end of the day being able to meet up to them. And yeah, have a balance life, not being cooped up or being piled under the NUS assignment molehill.

Excitement awaits in the month ahead!
Come on, get excited together with me!