Monday, February 18, 2013


Woke up today, clicked the computer, and got to this song somehow!
Nice and easy to listen to. Nice song for the morning and the entire day.

Fighting Anna, a few more months!
A little taxing but the reward at the end of it is really sweet! =)

Enjoyed CNY at home this time, the family warmth is really getting to me the longer I stay overseas.
It is so true also that when I am at home, I am being 0% productive.
I managed to finish some stuffs, and some on the bus on the way back though.
But I am already missing all my nieces and nephews! All the cheeky ones!!
Family is the best place to be!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Such a sad song, but I like the harsh voice.

It's been a long time since I last updated here. I know.

Been really busy with school , been a high flyer because of school.
4 countries in 2 weeks.I wondered how my body could actually stand it.
KL, Malacca, Singapore, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Singapore, KL.
Slept half the day away today just because I didn't want to do anything.
CNY is coming, I need to travel back home again.
 The uprooting and leaving to another place even for a short period of time is pretty irritating if you do it too much because there is no time to rest at all!

This is gonna be a super tiring last semester and an exciting one.
I shall see how it is going to end! And yes, I told myself, I would enjoy every bit of it possible!