Monday, November 11, 2013


So much to write about, so much I've been through this week in terms of personal growth.

Let me tell you about one of it. 
It's been quite an unsettling past 2 weeks, as I was down with one of the most extreme self-pity wallow so far in my joyful and bubbly life. I would say I am still not used to the working world lifestyle and the fact that I am really now staying alone outside.

Then a decision to take a turn to express myself to a friend about how I'm really doing despite my brave and independent out-front, turned everything in just a few days and smacked me back to reality to realised how I've been living independently of God during this unsettling 2 weeks. I really thank God for honest friends like this who are able to wake me up!

I just want to thank God for putting me in this spiritual family called S35. No matter how it changed since I first put my foot in 5 years ago, no matter who is still in it now or who is no longer in it now, I've learnt so much here then I've ever been anywhere else from all these people that I cherish so much.

People ask me, 'Why do you spend so much time in church and cell group?'. Sometimes, I don't know how to answer because I just can't express it as it must be experienced first-hand to be able to understand it.

I love the presence of God when we come together, during prayer meeting, during cell group meetings, during fellowshipping! They show me that no matter how different we might be, when we come together, when we focus on God, we can really draw the presence of God down! And this is where I experience God first-hand! That is why I am always coming back for more, week after week!

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
 -Matthew 18:20-

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Jesus Alone Enough for You?

As usual, every Monday I will listen to CityRadioOnline. And how I love this week's episode because I can relate to it.

'To grow in maturity in God'. 
I knew this is my season of life now since a couple of months ago. Yet somehow, I don't know how to even though I know I need to.

Today's episode asked one question, 'Is Jesus Alone Enough For You?'.
I've been loving Jesus ever since I knew Him but if you were to ask me, 'Is Jesus alone enough for me?'  , then I am not sure I can give you one straight answer that He indeed is because there is a lot of worldly things that I still treasure.

I come to realize that my joy is determined by my circumstances and the people around me most of the time. Yes, it is true that you guys are a great factor that contributed to my joyful personality, but I depended on this for a long time that now when life circumstances changed and the people around me changed, the JOY had been leaking out , drop by drop everyday day without me noticing it.

I want a lifeline of JOY that never leaks or dissipates. 
And that lifeline is JESUS.

JOY is the fruit of the Spirit. It grows in you.
Cultivate JOY by walking with the Spirit.
The more you walk with the Spirit, the more you maintain that JOY.

Thank you for reminding me of the first experience of  EVERLASTING JOY that I've found in You since 12 years ago.
How can I forget the one lifeline of Joy that has always been there?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random train of thought!

Heard this song on online radio today while working. This is indeed one of my favourite Korean duet song.  The content is as cheesy as can be, but then, one will just smile when listening to this song because its just so relaxing.

Then as the years passed, Korean's collaboration just gets more interesting. Especially those released during summer, just makes you get off your chair and move along with the tune because it relaxes the muscles.

Soon enough I find myself being drawn towards the Indie side of Korean music, but yeah, I still prefer female and male singers collaboration together. Even the music video quality are getting better and better! So creative!

The music choices somewhat proves how I've grown over the years with Korean music accompanying me along the way. A random night of blogging about random stuffs that comes to my head.

The heart is really a complicated organ that even it's owner do not know what is going on in it!

Hope you peeps enjoy the music videos I've posted here!
Will be blogging more, hopefully!!
Went through a lot of firsts in the last months, and I am enjoying myself!
Spending quality time with people that matters to me, and the people that love me!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sometimes I wonder why I admire only certain Kpop artists- BigBang, Huh Gak, etc.
But look at G-Dragon's video above, he certainly got everybody in the studio standing, young or old, man or woman!
I got his own swag, and one can see that he indeed put everything into whatever he is doing, no matter singing or composing.

BigBang, Psy, G-Dragon, Epik High, 2NE1.. These are the few Korean concerts that I would pay to go just to be immensed in the atmosphere that they can built with their performances, I know I will be so impressed.

Maybe just maybe I am bias to YG Family artists, but dude, they got the best control of stage I have ever seen!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Resilient Person

Look at how beautiful the flowers are at the side of the road where it is almost impossible to grow, but these plants are very persistent and resilient, and they made it until they bloomed.

On Sunday, A.R Bernard preached about leadership but one thing sticked to my little brain.

A resilient person: -
1. Has a passion for what they do
2. Walk in forgiveness (having positive evaluation)
3. Live in hope
4. Strongly believe that they can achieve the goals they are striving for

Funny, but somehow I relate to being a resilient person very much. I've toiled in NUS Architecture School, sometimes thinking about quitting but knowing at the back of my head, I will get through this and gained experiences that not everyone gets. The hope in the Lord helped me grow and survive the 5 years of tremendous stress. And as a result, I came out a stronger person and loving Jesus even more each day.

Yet, the best part of the sermon is this:-

'Resilient people know how to encourage themselves in the Lord' 
-A.R Bernard-

I sat there and thought about the sentence. Wow but I would like to re-phrase the sentence if possible.

The only way one can do it is when you have a relationship with God, because with this relationship you know that it is God who is encouraging you as you go on a tough day. And even when no one else is there for you, you know that God is walking beside you everyday, cheering you on, encouraging you, supporting you through all the deep valleys.

'Resilient people know that God is walking with them everyday.'

Thursday, September 12, 2013


When the gap between friends became relatively big after a period of time, you tend to not understand each other, not knowing what is happening in the other person's life, not relating to that person anymore. Then you start to doubt this friendship, and start being judgmental on certain things.

This week had just been like that. Felt as if I've lost someone because I just couldn't make and piece the things said and done. Totally incomprehensible and I cannot understand them at all. Funny thoughts came flying into the head and nothing could be done to rectify it, I thought to myself.

BUT, when one party starts to open up, to make an effort to understand, it starts knitting back together once again. Hard, awkward and frustrating at times, but eventually, the lost ties starts to come together again.
Maybe that is what friendships are made of. Circumstances that will just either break it or makes it stronger. Then, you will know the friends that might not be there for you in every single step of your life, but they know who the real person inside you are and THIS keeps the friendship going. Make an effort to be a part of the friend's life because it is worth it.

P/S: Don't even know whether I am making any sense, but I am just typing my thoughts down.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

THE Prayer Meeting

Revelation 21: 1-2 (NIV)

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.
I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

Psalm 34: 3 (NIV)

Glorify the LORD with me;
     let us exalt his name together.

Today during Prayer Meeting, the presence of God is so strong in the room.
A small prayer meeting, with people coming together to exalt His name, and in unison, we sang and lifted His name high.

What He adore most when the His people come together and pray?
When we pray that His Glory will be revealed amidst all these, when we pray that His Kingdom will come, when we focus on Him, trust Him and not give a thought of how the world turns or reacts because ultimately everything is about Him.

And at the corner of the room, I see Him.
Initially He gave that smile when we started the session, then as we became more focused on Him, praising and worshipping Him whole-heartedly, I see an even wider smile on the face and He became more excited. Then a while later, He stood up excitedly,dancing along.
It is this time that I felt as if He opened heaven for us to take a little peek inside. Oh boy, how magnificent it is even though it is just a portion. By this time, tears already started to roll down uncontrollably because God is so real and I find myself being so immensed and absorbed in the His love.

Then my soul started to sing this song, a song we used to sing back in YC FGA KL.
It talks about this experience, in the closest way words can express.
So here it is, for you guys to listen.
When a song becomes more than a song and into an encounter with God.

I see heaven before me
Angels passing around me
Here I stand in awe of Your beauty
Captured by Your holiness

Lift up your eyes 
All of heaven's in worship
Angels rejoice and the clouds will be filled
With the wonder of Your name
With the wonder of Your name

The train of His robe fills the temple with glory
Heavenly hosts fall before Him in worship 
Crying Holy,Holy,Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Monday, September 2, 2013

Annoying Little Things

The difference between being a follower and someone who wants to know the real intention before deciding to do a certain thing just because a person I admire is the one who suggested it.

Sometimes I think whether I am thinking too much, but I can't seemed to get over it until I get why the idea came up in the first place. Why am I so sensitive? Is it because of the person, or it just didn't make sense to do? I hope it is the latter not the former. I need to go re-examine my heart, to come to the bottom of it.

Well, this incident made me realised how much I've grown to not just be a follower but to understand why I am doing certain things. =). This is the one of the good thing that comes out among the annoying little things. =)

Monday, August 26, 2013

A little random thank you note.

Those random moments when I come back to my long abandoned blog of mine.
And I thought of a message a friend left me on Facebook last year, that still put a smile on my face when I read it. Here it is:-

This is a super random message~ haha....
But i just wanna say THANK YOU!! XD
For what? you're probably wondering..... haha....
Your blog! 
Once in a blue blue moon when i'm free i'll go read your blog, and it always reminds me that God is always there for us, and that i should trust in him more, that he will guide me through any troubles or tough times.
I always feel more rejuvenated after reading your blog. It's like a comfort, to know that regardless of what happens, GOD is there leading me, there to support me, there to help me in all situations. And it reminds me of how blessed i am right now with all my friends and family around me, there for me.
And for that, THANKSSSS~!!! i always feel much more positve reading your blog 
Cheers! hahaha. This message is SUPER random, but yea, i wanna thank you! XD Have a blessed week ahead! 
I know I haven't been putting in any entry for the longest time possible. There were so many things happening in my life, I don't know where to start. I miss writing stuffs, and letting people reading them. Well, I most probably lose the ability to write like that already after not doing so for so long.

Yeah, Sheri's note popped up in my brain again when I read another friend's blog, maybe I should start blogging again. Writing and jotting down things that I come across in life, because I always enjoy reading them again later in my life. And besides, if I can bless other people, why not??
P/S: Haha, now I wonder if Sheri even reads this blog anymore after it had been dead for so long!

Friday, April 19, 2013

What used to be dear, I seemed to not pay attention to anymore.
What seemed to be comforting , I seemed to find it really annoying now.
What assumed to be communication, I seemed to find it to be a channel of complaints.
What thought to be happiness, I seemed to find that it is just simply being caring.
What used to be excitement, I seemed to find no more passion for it.

Well, complicated and true. All within the months that came by this year.

Okay, 5 more days to go! Only superman and superwomen whom I have in my studio are able to handle both dissertation submission and studio final presentation, which are just 2 days apart from each other! FIGHTING! GO! GO! GO!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Red Bull Canvas Cooler Singapore

Have you heard of Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project?

Yeah, somehow I ended up participating in the pioneer project in Singapore.
How I end up doing this, you ask? Well, it is because of a friend's recommendation and because he thinks that I can do it and because he is the NUS ambassador for Red Bull. And of course, after I checked the website out, I was so tempted to send my application in and BOOM, I attended the briefing last sunday and today, I got the canvas cooler delivered to my doorstep!

The duedate is really crazy because it is near all my submissions and before my last paper.
And some of my studio-mates say I take it onto myself because I know about our tight schedule all along.

However, somehow deep down inside, I know if I do this, I will be really happy that I am able to end my last semester in NUS not just doing purely dissertation, studio and all the other assignments. I know I do not want to end it just like all the others.

Since I decided already that I will be doing it, why regret it now? It is better that I transfer all my energy to make it look damn fantastic! And I am glad and thankful for the people around me that supports and encourages me to do it even though it seems really impossible! And the willing-ness to lend a hand, or ear listening to me. Thank you a bunch!


This is going to be an exciting month!

If March is the month of Hardwork and Discipline, I would need a double portion of it next month but I am sure it will come with a lot of FUN, FUN, FUN too!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One of my favourite movie! And my favourite scene from the movie! The lyrics to the songs are just so sincere and simple. Some times that is what we, human need in life!

Been busy the past weeks.
Never felt this stressed before.
It doesn't help when the friend who can be very relax most of the time is also very stressed up now because of all the deadlines all coming together.
The mind is just too caught up in school assignments.

Well, look at the bright side, I am graduating soon! (not too sure whether I am looking forward to that or not.. Haha)

The uncertain future ahead, somehow I am not too worried about it.
Everything will fall into place when the right time comes because I believe that He will provide like He always did. He never failed me before and He always gave me more than I hoped for!
And maybe because I got a sister who really lives by faith, and so far I always witness how God had been providing for her even when the circumstances told me otherwise. I am amazed by her faith level, and yeah, I secretly hope mine is as somewhere near hers. Hehe.

Toodles! Need to get back to writing my dissertation! I only got 1000+ words for now!
And oh ya, I am heading back for CILIWUNG REVISITED 2 in a couple of hours time.
Not the best timing to go, but I do believe that this time, it is going to be so different (despite the fact that we are going with 22 Swiss students)!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

MARCH is here!

Cute music with cute singers. Haha. Dedicated to you out there who guided and thought of my well-being when I was so cooped up in NUS the past week.

JANUARY - month of travelling
FEBRUARY -  month of spending time with loved ones (friends and family)
MARCH - month of hard work and discipline

I love long bus rides back from cell group meeting. Why? Because that is the time when I can sit down and think of my week. Everything in Singapore happens very fast. Everything changes even before you can know it. Deadlines draw nearer even faster in this time zone. Haha.

March and April is going to be an exciting month! 2 months of hard work and discipline, to be on time for most of the assignments, to set aside expectations for myself and at the end of the day being able to meet up to them. And yeah, have a balance life, not being cooped up or being piled under the NUS assignment molehill.

Excitement awaits in the month ahead!
Come on, get excited together with me!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Woke up today, clicked the computer, and got to this song somehow!
Nice and easy to listen to. Nice song for the morning and the entire day.

Fighting Anna, a few more months!
A little taxing but the reward at the end of it is really sweet! =)

Enjoyed CNY at home this time, the family warmth is really getting to me the longer I stay overseas.
It is so true also that when I am at home, I am being 0% productive.
I managed to finish some stuffs, and some on the bus on the way back though.
But I am already missing all my nieces and nephews! All the cheeky ones!!
Family is the best place to be!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Such a sad song, but I like the harsh voice.

It's been a long time since I last updated here. I know.

Been really busy with school , been a high flyer because of school.
4 countries in 2 weeks.I wondered how my body could actually stand it.
KL, Malacca, Singapore, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Singapore, KL.
Slept half the day away today just because I didn't want to do anything.
CNY is coming, I need to travel back home again.
 The uprooting and leaving to another place even for a short period of time is pretty irritating if you do it too much because there is no time to rest at all!

This is gonna be a super tiring last semester and an exciting one.
I shall see how it is going to end! And yes, I told myself, I would enjoy every bit of it possible!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Maybe I should do this this year, for a change!
I might be surprised the stuff that I will get end of the year!

Anyway, I know, it's been almost a week into 2013 and while everybody is busy posting up their new year resolution, and all the thank you thank you thank you notes on 2012, I am busy nua-ing at home, enjoying the time I have with my family and friends back in KL.

Yeah, mum thinks I am too busy slacking and not helping her with the house chores.
And yeah, Gina thinks I am busy watching all the Korean drama in the world.
And I got no idea why I just feel so busy at home here in KL!

I thank God for the past one month I have back here in KL!
The time I have to spend with my family and friends be it from KL or visiting from Singapore.
The time where I can totally disengage myself from all the stress that NUS always gives me.
A nice time to really enjoy before I really go and chiong for my last semester before heading out to the working world in the later half of this year!