Saturday, September 29, 2012


Somehow it came out top of my core values.
I think in this era, very seldom punctuality is listed as the top most priority.
It also shows how much I treasure time.

"Our dissertation module is 8MC that means by right we need to spend 20 hours a week on it, but since they spilt it into 2 semesters, that means we need to spend 10 hours a week."
One of my studiomate said to me after she met her dissertation tutor today for the first time.

Yeah, that is how they count the modular credit systems in NUS.
In architecture school, the design modules are very often or not, even more than 8MC per semester.
That means by right we only need to spend 20 hours per week on it.
And here we are every day and night, slogging ourselves away in the studio working on it, which also means that we spend more than 20 hours on it for sure, especially when it is nearing submission period.
This is also because we give importance and priority to design as compared to other modules.

Why do people nowadays always fail to be punctual?
I strongly believe that your allocation of time for something somehow proves the priority of that area in your life.

Then comes the bigger picture,where is GOD in the time equation?
God is never late when it comes to His promises, He always delivers them on time.
He never deliver them late. That is one of His promises because we are His children. We are important to Him. And if ever He is late, I bet we are not placing our trust into His hands anymore. Therefore, He is never late. NEVER.

If God is never late, we as His children, carrying His DNA, wouldn't it be appropriate to actually practice this thing called punctuality? As out of this small thing, it leads to some things bigger like TRUST, LOVE and etc.

So what is PUNCTUALITY to you?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Okay, it's been quite some time since I last updated!
Nomad-ed for almost 1 month before finally settling down 2 weeks ago.
I thank God for answering all my prayers, and it always being more than what I ask for.
So much to thank God for, been living on faith for a period of time, not knowing what is going to pop up the next turn.
Thank God for friends who are always there.

I know, it will take some time to get use to the routine now.
Because, no hall, it feels so weird, the surrounding is so different.
Enjoying myself nonetheless, making new friends along the way and then taking things one at a time.
I thank God that in between I still manage to find time to meet up with people that matters to me.

Okay, that's all for now, so much in the brain till I don't know what to write out.