Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Why continuum?
Yeah, we tried over and over again to express why continuum, but apparently it is not getting across. Or is it whether really we don't have a backing to why we are doing continuum?

In school, somehow, no matter how hard I work, it just seemed as if everything is not turning out right.
No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get my point across to my tutor.
Maybe it is really how shallow my group's thinking is or it can just be how we order our presentation.
How irritating.
No matter how we arrange it, it seemed to be wrong all the time.
CONTINUUM, it can be really common, or it can be really complex and exciting.
No matter what, I will still try my best to bring it out.

But somehow, everytime after talking to her, it feels as if I am not deemed to get anything right no matter how hard I try.
And this belittles my self-confidence, and hopefully, it will maintain at a certain optimum level until the end of the semesters, which is in another 3 weeks.

No, I am not letting her make me reach this state. I am gonna do more stuff, to increase my confidence, to hopefully, end the semester with more confidence than when I started the semester with.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Been a tough week plus.
Going back and forth from Singapore to KL and vice versa.
The decisions to go back and to come back. It's difficult.
But, I should thank God that my home is just 5 hours of bus ride away.
Now, he is in the ICU, after his operation yesterday.
Thank God, for always being the Provider and making sure that Jason is under the best hands.
The tears in his eyes yesterday, showed what a brave and courageous boy he is.
I can't imagine what he was feeling when he lay there in the operation theatre waiting to be sedated.
The thoughts that run through his head.
Sitting there in the ICU, he could hear us now, but couldn't give much response as of yet.
A good progress since he came out.
Now he need all the rest he can get to recuperate.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today's praise and worship is phenomenal.
The songs choice, it tell us the journey of who God is to us as we mature in Him.

No doubt, most of the early christian life, you take God as your friend, a friend who you know will always be there no matter what. The bestest friend you can ever find for yourself. Yet still, there is a boundary between friends. Well, making friends with God is indeed a cool thing =) .

Then, as you get to know Him better, be it through revelations and Bible study, you get to know the what He can do for us, and what He is. The promises He gave us through His word became our daily encouragement to get through our days.

However at the end of the day, whatever matters most is HIS PERFECT LOVE. He reassured me that He loves me, He will always be there for me. All I need to know is that He loves me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If God is a fruit, what fruit would He be to you?

Today, someone posted this question. It got me thinking. Wow, to represent God in a fruit. That is pretty difficult, well, it is very hard.

SOURSOP. Why soursop?
The first time I ate soursop, I remembered how it tasted till now.
I think I will always remember it. The weird turned nice turned addictive taste that it offers. The brand new exciting refreshed experience.
The endless amount of seed that is inside. The trouble to get ever single one of them out yet still wanting more.
The seeds represents every single trial that He will put you through. Imagine the number of journey that you will go through with Him. COUNTLESS.
And the end product of these journey? His values and characteristics.
Why? Because a soursop seed will indeed grow into a soursop tree and bear the soursop fruit.
A soursop seed can never grow into an apple tree.
As we go through tribulations with Him, He gives us water, sunlight and the right soil to make sure that we will bear the fruit of His care and effort.

SOURSOP is just a soursop to everyone.
But, my SOURSOP is special to me.