Saturday, February 4, 2012


2-7mins, that is period of time that we are most likely to give into temptation. So basically, we just need to keep ourselves in-check for 7 mins at most...

Funny, it's the first time I actually heard someone giving us a time frame for when we are actually prone to give in to temptation.

2-7minutes, it do seemed really short.
What can we really do in 2-7 minutes?
What harm can it do to us?

Well, it is this 2-7minutes that will determine how we are using the next few minutes that comes after that.

The internet, is something that I know I can't live with.
I face my computer everyday as long as I am in my room, no doubt, I am glued to the internet.
In between working on assignments, I tell myself, 'BREAKTIME! A 2minute video won't do any harm, then eventually you find yourself, clicking from one video link to another video link. The same goes for manga, from one chapter to another chapter.
Now, 2-7minutes turned into more than 1 hour.
And what did I get from it? Entertainment, jokes, distractions and eventually guilty for procrastination.

It's as if you are sucked into a whirlwind pool where 2-7 minutes are no longer 2-7 minutes when you finally realised it.

This whirlwind pool, it might not be that bad if you use the 2-7minutes for something else, something that can feed yourself, both physically and spiritually.
During Quiet Time,the first 2-7minutes when you first start praying or reading the Bible, it is the most difficult time. Chances are when you go over the 7minutes time lapse, you are most likely to be able to concentrate and absorb more after that. Then before you know it, time passed by faster than you thought it will be. Same concept, but used differently, thus with a different result.

A short but critical moment.
It's either you  make it or you break it.
You choose what you want to feed yourself with.

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