Monday, December 5, 2011

The Upper Class

A retreat, a camp, a it whatever you want..Awesome time after exams!

I seriously wondered why in the first place I wanted to attend this despite knowing almost nobody there.
The first night, it was actually pretty awkward, walking into a place filled with strangers who bear familiar faces. It seems that my social skills are not working as well as it should.
I thought I will never really have to go through this again after I find myself a cellgroup here in Singapore 2 years back. All the quiet-ness, sitting down and observe more than speaking. Really brings back memories.

Thank God for super friendly people, a bunch of crazy,noisy girls. So comfortable with themselves. Loud. Funny. Friendly. It was nice to get to know them. Thank you for always looking out for me these 2 days, thank you for making sure that I am not feeling left-out. It really kept my heart warm, to know that no matter what, the family of God is really filled with love.

Got to know more people in church. I am glad I went. 3 years in church, I only know that many people. It's always good to know more people from the zone itself. That is half the reason why I decided to go for this.

It's a layback weekend, getting to know people, widen my social circle. They say it is from strangers that friendships are formed. I am hoping that the people I know here is the start of something greater that have yet to come. Besides the people, everything else was planned to be free and easy. The games weren't taxing, but yet still able to fit in the fun element, the sessions are casual, thus encouraging us to let go of ourselves, a time out of the hustle bustle of the city, a weekend where everything is simple and easy.

P/S: Been a long long time since I last went to any church retreat or whatever since I came to Singapore.
Those YC camps that last for a week. I do miss them at times. I can see the efforts that are put into planning all these. A simple few days that took the organisers months to plan!

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