Thursday, April 7, 2011


someone told me that someone, when she graduated with a masters in architecture, she burst into tears.
i think i can relate.
one year. two years. three years. four years seems too much. five years.
if i get past this. i am going to cry if i graduate. i really will.


It seems really true. I think I really will cry if I graduate because I think architecture is really testing every part of me, physically,mentally, intellectually and even spiritually.

It's pretty amazing how more stressed up I am, the more I blog because it is the only way I am releasing them and keeping my sanity.

P/S: After this semester, I am so gonna go add some colour to my hair. I don't care if it is white, green,yellow, blue or red. A strand or the entire hair. I am gonna go add some colour to my life!!

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cmate said...

Let's be a clown together!