Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Been emo-ing around for 2 days, wanting time alone and barely talking to anyone unless necessary. I just needed to get myself together. The people out there do not understand what I want or need, they just think that they do but they don't. This time, I just can't find anybody to talk to. Not even HH. It's sad that I can't find anybody to talk to when I needed it. It just proves that I am a girl with wide social web but close to none. The only person I can turn to is GOD. Someone I've neglected for a long long time. Someone that became a second part of me, and not the major part. I guessed I took the time out to search for HIM deep within me. I needed HIM, that's for sure. If everybody in the world is to abandon me, I am sure He will be there for me.
Standing alone in this world with a bright colourful umbrella to stand out. Nothing can beat that I suppose, at least for now. Because it will just be me and me alone, nobody to irritate me, nobody to give me all the stress, nobody to yell at me. Maybe I will be bored to my guts, but for now, I wouldn't mind. Humans are never satisfied with whatever they have anyway.
Sleep. Never my best friend. But somehow managed to become my enemy because every semester, it will come a time when I am really scared of it. God, I really need help. My cellgroup leader tried and tried to make sure I sleep but I don't think it's working very well. At least he tried and tried and still continue trying. I am thankful for him.
Somehow I wished I was back when I was a kid, nothing to worry about, nothing to stress about, just sleep whenever you need to, listen to your parents babble when you did something wrong, and then wakes up the next day, not remembering anything. Haha. LIFE.


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