Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It looked as if I am holding a grudge, but I am not.
In fact, I like the space I am at now.
Well, I am actually glad that I shifted here despite everything.
It's my reflection area. Somewhere I can be myself.
Yeah, maybe at that period of time, I've been pissed off but now, I am not.

I like my corner.
A place where I can be immersed in whatever I am doing and nothing else matters.
A place where I can be myself.
A place where I can see what is happening to the others outside and laugh.
A place where I can see a clear boundary between the both of us.
A place where I can find comfort in after a long day.
A place where I can be shunned off whenever I want to be.
A place where I don't need to care what is happening in the room.
A place where I can calm myself down when everything starts to be annoying and irritating.
A place where I can blast my music to myself when everything else becomes noisy.

Maybe next time when I need to leave this corner, I will leave all the bad memories behind and take the good ones.
Let the bad ones become stains on the wall. The good ones off with me.
Then RH can renovate it however they want it to be.

I like this corner.I love this corner.

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