Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year.. The day which I really wanted to come home for when I am in Singapore.. I think partly because of the good food, and that means I could get some rest from all the busy-ness..

This year Chinese New Year, somehow or rather lacked some Chinese New Year spirit.. Can't really sense the joy, the people ain't coming in in a crowd anymore so the house is a little quiet compared to previous years..The good food remains the same, now I appreciate home cook soup more, it's boiled with love, tender and care.. There is no where else on earth you can get these kind of soup.. Love it! Well, because of granny's old age, the soup was actually prepared by Gina and I..

Looking at grandma, she is getting older and older..Maybe being away from home and coming back occasionally, made her look older and older everytime I see her.. Grandma is really quite awesome, yeah, maybe she nags a lot but she is awesome for her age.. Looking at her sometimes just sitting in front of the TV and falling asleep puts a smile on my face.. Love her lots!

So peeps,


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