Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This week is crazy! Glad I am still surviving it so far! Need a lot of mental and physical strength. Lost my phone today which makes matter worst. I seriously need to stop losing stuffs before I start losing myself instead. Yet, everytime I lose something, I always gain other stuffs indirectly that makes me appreciate the people around me more.

Glad Akicon assignment 1 is done! I drew bricks for freaking 4 hours till the point that I think I had a small obsession with bricks after that.. Supposed to be sleeping but woke up after 2 hours thinking about all the things that I am supposed to do but not touching it yet.. So irritating..
Haven't been sleeping a lot lately, or rather say not been sleeping at all these days.. Architecture sometimes seemed to be turning into architorture but when I see the results of my slogging through the night, I always have the sense of satisfaction..

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