Sunday, January 3, 2010


So every year people come up with their annual resolutions, some just repeat them every year, some really sit down and reflect on the year before then only make them up, some make them because other people do it so they can't miss out on it.. This year, I will try really hard to fulfill mine as it is what I want to achieve by the end of the year which of course, I need you guys to help me...

1. Stay focus on God, putting Him first in everything that I do
In 2009, I managed to stay focus for the first half of the year but then I began to stray away a little by a little. I need to be more disciplined and focused on God. He is the reason why I have all I have today.

2. Putting priority on Architecture. Be courageous to express what I have in mind
I always face the problem of being afraid to express myself even though I have the idea in mind. I need to be brave enough to voice it out and not be intimidated by others. Putting my heart and soul when I'm doing my models or drawings or caddings. I will give my best to pull my CAP up.

3. Stop procrastinating and Facebook less
The amount of time that I spent on Facebook, if I use them to be more productive, I think I can do a whole lot of things. I need to get off stupid addictive Facebook games. I need to be more productive. I need to stop procrastinating and expect everything to finish on time by itself.

4. Be a better friend
A secret will always remain a secret. I will need to learn how to keep secret better. I need to learn to keep to myself what my friends share with me because it is a privilege if they are willing to share with me their problems. So from this year onwards, I will be listening ear to whoever of you out there that need one. And whatever you say will remain with me and no one else. I want to be a blessing to others.

5. Stop bottling everything inside myself
I always have the tendency to keep everything to myself. 'It's my problem so why bother people about it?', I always tell myself. I really need to change my thinking because I realised that keeping everything to myself really kills me. I need to be true to my feelings. Be bold enough to express it out. If I like something or someone, I need to voice it out. If I dislike something or someone, I need to voice it out too. No more thinking that things will sort themselves out with time or trying to drown myself with work so that I don't have time to think about it and end up, crying myself to bed night after night. This is something that I am still struggling with.

6. Improve myself in badminton
This is something more physical. Been learning more and more about badminton since I joined the RH team. Loving every bit of it but I realised I am not putting enough effort to learn it.I need to train my stamina up. Discipline,determination and commitment are all I need.

7. Budget. Budget. Budget.
Well, money don't just fall from heaven. I either need to really start sticking to my budget and determine how much I can spend a month or else I will run out of money even before I graduate. Another option is I will need to take up another responsibility to work and earn some pocket money. I need to stop being lazy and expect everything to be provided by God because God will only help those who help themselves.

Year 2010 will be a challenging year ahead.

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