Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been a long long time... Concert is over.. Sets did a fantastic job.. Concert itself was great.. Concert had always been the period of time during the semester where I shun myself away from the architecture world..
Architecture workload is catching up.. Just finished my interim crit today, guess it went well, I know I still got loads to do, so much more aspects to think about to improve on my design..I need to improve on my presentation skills, I always space out when it is my turn and ending up not presenting everything that I have to present.. Architecture, a demanding course indeed, but conceptualizing my idea into a building is getting more and more interesting by the day..

Pandan Reservoir is a nice place to go to in the midst of all the stress.. A trip there just to watch the sunrise is enough to make my day..The pictures are awesome.. It's amazing how most of the pictures even though it is inverted, it look perfectly fine because of the reflections.. Pandan Reservoir is a place where one can find tranquility in the midst of all the craziness of Singapore..A place so artificial but when you are there, you feel the as if you are indeed in nature.
Been working up at upper lounge these few weeks.. I am always amazed at how just sitting here, doing your assignments, cutting my cardboards, draw my neverending panels can foster such bonds with the people here.. Upper lounge is now like my second room in RH, I love hanging out with the people here..

And I feel so guilty that I've been neglecting S35 for so long.. Can't even remember when was the last time I actually sat down and fellowship with them.. Sometimes, when smses come in, I don't even have time to reply them to the extend that they will have to ask me again later in the day.. Sorry peeps, I will make up for that soon after my semester ends k??

Got a surprise email the other day as someone asked whether they can use the picture on my side bar of this blog, the picture with me staring out at the sea, for some purpose.. Check this out!
It's in German..How cool is that?

Another month and it will be time to go back home! I can't wait...

P/S: Tutor advised us to create a blog to display all our works up for comments.. I am wondering whether should I do it or not since I can't even sustain this blog itself...

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