Sunday, July 12, 2009


Homesickness as in severe homesickness... That's what I've been experiencing since my birthday until today.. It all started the moment when I received my birthday card from my family back in KL.. I remember that I cried reading the messages even though it was as simple as 'ANNA, I love you! Jason Yap'.. That moment, I really wished I was back home..
Then the surprised birthday cake, if the surprise remained a surprise, I am pretty sure that I will break down and cry when the cake is to be delivered to me on my birthday.. When I told other people that my family specially ordered the cake for me, I know I am very fortunate to have family members like them back home and everyone was telling me I was very blessed..I bet Gina had to do all the calling and SMSing to Aunty Angie to make sure she bought the cake for me on the family's behalf since they are 5 hours away, they can't possibly have FedEx to send a cake to me.. 

Last weekend at Granny's place, when I smelled and tasted the ginger-stuffed chicken, I felt even more homesick.. My brain kept picturing the dish that mum made and how the whole family will clear everything on the plate leaving only chicken bones and Jason asking for more..Fighting for ginger chicken on the dining table is really good..MUM, I want to eat ginger-stuffed chicken the next time I go back!!!!!

What made matter worst is the fact that for the previous weeks, I'm like a robot at float, cutting and cutting cladding materials, sticking every piece accurately, masking taping CCBs and etc. made me want to go home even more..My mood was so bad these days that I just want to sit at a corner listening to my music, and be in my own world..
Gosh, I miss you guys at home! Haha..I wanna camwhore more with you guys!!!

Then, yesterday at CG during praise and worship, I had a revelation..Yeah, so maybe I am really really far from home and family but here in Singapore, I have a family too, my CG members.. God made me realised that I am not alone here in Singapore, the people sitting in front and beside of me are people that He sent to me, so there is no reason for me to be homesick.. He provided me with a family here in Singapore, a bunch of crazy and passionate young Godly people who cared about me.. I 'rained' non-stop the more I think about how true it is..Every Friday and Saturday, I look forward to meeting these people because I always felt at home with them around..Somehow, God just smack me in the face with this very fact that I am not alone..I am never alone as long as I am with Him... Now I am not that homesick anymore...

So, God gave me this family in Singapore, I will treasure it and I am blessed greatly by it.. I love S35..
I am not too sure how many of you will be reading this post but I really really thank God for you guys! s35 had blessed me more than I'd imagined!

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