Monday, June 29, 2009

I am blessed!

Gosh, I am blessed, emotionally, spiritually and financially..

There's 2 early birthday celebration for me, I am truly blessed by it.. And you guys know what?? I got 2 identical same cake from the same bakery in 2 days..New York Cheese Cake from Bakerzin.. The only thing different, is the people around me when I blew off the candles and both groups do not even know each other.. They sort of have the telepathy to buy the same cake..
Had lunch at New York New York with Aunty Angie and family.. Awesome food, I tell you, that when the food came, I didn't take pictures and just dived in..The only food that I took was the Stampede Ice-cream..6 scoops of ice-creams and oreo cookies...

And can you imagine how weird it feels like when you have all the New York New York staffs sing the birthday song to you?? Haha.. Felicia and I kept laughing when they just suddenly popped out.. Lolz.. But it is a memorable one.. Thanks!

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