Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

I missed both Mother's and Father's Day this year by a week each.. It's either I can't make it back or leave a week earlier..

It's almost a year since I started studying in Singapore..1 year, but I went back to KL for less than 2 months in total..

Being at home was great, just doing what you want, whenever you crave for some food, they will bring you there, when you wanna go and explore building, the whole family will go with you,when you say you want new shoes, and you see a really nice one, mum will say, use your own money la, and dad will just go on and on about his hotel and his fishes..

Yeah, being away from home taught me how to be homesick at times, how to appreciate and love my family more,how to take care of myself, how to be independent, how to make them proud and most importantly, how to manage my finances ( I think I am halfway there)...

SO in conjunction with this day, Father's Day, I wanna thank Dad for everything that you did, all the 'take more rest and sleep more' advice when I complain about the amount of work in school through Skype, always reassuring me that finance is not a problem even though I know you, mum and Gina work hard over there to make sure I have everything here. I promise I will save and use my money wisely.

Another long 6 months to go before I head back to KL once again. Here in Singapore, I will do my best, take really good care of myself so you won't need to worry about me, and to make you PROUD for having a daughter like me!

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