Saturday, May 9, 2009


I hate this feeling.. The feeling of leaving home.. Yeah, Singapore is counted as home cos I spent most of my time in a year here.. Malaysia is my home too because Malaysia is my home!

The feeling of leaving a home to another home.. It's complicated, it's like a love-hate relationship.. I can't wait to go home, but yet at the same time, leaving for 1 full month from home is torturous too.. The people here is asking me why I am going back so long, the people back in Malaysia is rushing me to go back..

1 month.. Long or short? I myself don't wanna think about it.. I am confused by it.. I am gonna enjoy my hols and yeah, I will miss you peeps here in Singapore! No worries, I will be back even sooner than you think! You guys made me decide to stay back a few days so I can spend some time with you after the time consuming semester!

Edit: Now the my room is so empty  and it feels weird! I am so gonna miss this room! Been in here for a year already.. It's thundering outside and being in this room alone really makes me feel lonely! Staying over at Granny's tomorrow night! Then home sweet home!

P/S: Post exams photos will be up soon!

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