Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frustrated! Distracted!

Facebook's Chain Rxn is really distracting and I am praying hard to God that I will somehow get over with it and sit down and study.

Been sitting down and observing people nowadays and I wonder why some of them give body language that is so contradicting with the reality. Small gestures they do to one another prove otherwise making those observing in a state of confusion. Yet, some are just so happy-go-lucky that they do not even bother if the next moment a tree landed in front of them. Tension are the word for some especially when exams is next week.
All the Aki dudes in RH- minus 1 or 2-
John and I just being bored!
So exams are around the corner and I got plenty to read. Readings are so boring that I slept on the 2nd page of notes for Climate. 
This is the thing that I dislike!
I want this!
And this! Hall food sucks and I am losing appetite everytime I look at it!

Portfolio submission is tomorrow and I realised that I got a lot more to do. Submission during study week, this is absurd itself. After tomorrow, I can really really concentrate on the books (hopefully).

I can't wait to go HOME! HOME! HOME!

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