Saturday, April 11, 2009

Convincing is so not my thing, I can't freaking convince people to actually do something no matter how nice I put it to be. Sent invitation out for the Easter Play since last week and only Yi Shiean replied at first with the rest not confirmed. There I go asking people to go whenever I saw them and Kevin say I am always enthusiastic about everything. So yesterday night, no one actually want to go to the play anymore, so I told myself, maybe next time, so I took the little disappointment to bed and woke up this morning having a little hope still since the play at 5.30pm. I was still praying that my friends will somehow agree to go with me this morning despite the hours and distance. This is considered the first time I actually wanted someone to go to my church event. Previously, I always invite and somewhat expected them to turn it down so I kind of got used to it. Now I want some positive responds instead.

But now, not only I got 1 friend to go, I manage to get 3! You won't know how happy I am. God somehow knows that I will be disappointed if none of them turn up! Thank God, thank you for making it work even though it is only 3 out of so many! 3 is a large number to me! Now, I pray that they will enjoy themselves and let them know that it is not a mistake to go!

And to you 3 peeps, thank you for wanting to go, you don't know how happy I am. Thanks for making my day! Hope you enjoy the play!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww~~!!!!! *hugsies*