Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, tomorrow, mum, Gina and Jason will be in Singapore.. Yayness! Can't wait for it..
One week sketch assignment is out.. And I still got no idea what I am suppose to design.. A path, a tunnel or a building..Going to site is fun! Analysis is fun! Now, need to come out with a site model first..

Been sleeping a lot yesterday.. I got a lot to do but my body just seemed to be sleeping every moment it can.. Seemed to be losing control of it pretty soon.. 

Going to studio later.. Trying really hard to finish my assignments and also study for Genes and Soc.. Akicon project cost me 100 bucks, so I am on a very tight budget.. Everything also budget, lunch budget, spending budget till my friends think I am just being calculative that I complain that I busted my lunch budget by 10 cents.. But so far so good, been 3 weeks or so I think, and i managed to stick to my budgets.. Eating lunch below $2.20, I am happy, if below $1.80 I'll be over the moon already..

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