Monday, March 23, 2009

So today's been a very hectic Sunday..Out lunch with mum, Gina and Jason, came back to room and change, went to workshop to help out with Akicon, carried the wood back to hall, tea for 30 mins, back to studio, came back to hall for Akicon meeting, dinner, continue Akicon meeting, JY's birthday...

Usually in KL on a Sunday means the whole family will sleep after we come back from church until dinner time.. Here in NUS, we don't even get to sleep, whatmore nap.. Haha..

Actually this weekend is one of my hectic weekend, and I feel so bad that I left/attended my Akicon discussions half-way to meet up with my mum for lunch, church,.. It's a group work, I must play my part in it too, I can't take advantage of it anymore..I need to contribute, I need to compensate the time that I spent outside instead of with them cutting and sawing...

Resolution of the week:-
1.  Get my time management right!

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