Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kuching! Meow!

Been back in Singapore for 3 days already.. Been busy with all the upcoming due dates!
Aish, holidays but there never are holidays in NUS..

Kuching trip! Let the pictures do the talking!
Hello Kuching!
The first thing I notice in Kuching, the buses are really old!
The hotel I stayed in: Harbour View Hotel
Going across the river for our first dinner!
Tapai.. Dun like it! Yucks! 
Traditional dances!
Night view at the river!
View outside of my hotel room! Where else can we find linens being hung like this??
Carpenter Street
Court house!
The Brooke monument
Overrated Kolo Mee..
Some disgusting thing growing on the shoplot!
Burnt shoplot!
White elephant
Abandoned market... Quite freaky..
Htin and I on the bus
Anna and Anna
We even got the chance to dance
Caterpillar in the village!
I can squeeze an island!
Kuching overrated kucing monument!
Kampung Salak
Mud relay!! No wonder we city folks can't win them!
Kampung Salak kids! So cute!
Gunung Santubong! 180m.. Nice scenery!
The ever scary stairs!
Orang Ulu House: I like this too!
Orang Melanau House: I am most impressed by this!
Cheap seafood! Quite good!
Old school days: Air batu and keropok!
Back to Singapore!


Josh said...

oooh..thats kuching...tho i really never ever been to the east part of malaysia...from the really MEOW!!! lol

Wackygurl89 said...

Haha.. The pictures really shows it is Meow!? haha..
It's my first time in east malaysia too..
Next up, Sabah! When i got the money! Haha..