Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Day!

I am back in Singapore now after 6 days in KL celebrating CNY..
My bus reached Novena at 12.30pm today as predicted.. No crowd at all at the custom, I was worried that the custom will be crowded and I will have to spend time waiting there but thank God it was all clear!

So if I estimated correctly, I should reach my room by 1.30pm and be able to make it for lecture at 2pm..Unfortunately, the 96 bus today totally sucks, no air-con or rather it is hot air coming out instead of cold air and there are a lot of people so it took longer than it was supposed to..

I ended up in my room at 1.45pm.. Dumped all my luggages and stuffs then locked up the room and headed for lecture when I was supposed to have 20 mins of rest if the bus weren't in such a bad condition..I didn't even have my lunch la!

So in lecture, the assignments that came in was crazy.. Need to draw 27 A3 technical drawings accurately according to scale by Monday, need to map out stars which means I have to go and stare at stars tonight at the SRC track, and 2 cardboard models...With no rest from the bus ride, I almost died when I heard about it.. My brain was super saturated, the tutors are talking in deep terms that I can hardly understand and everyone have the pressured look on their faces..

After studio session, I went straight for dinner at comm hall because I was super hungry since I didn't had lunch. Came back to my room, and saw a note from my new roomie saying she will shift in tonight! So sudden! Wah liao, nearly died again, because I was planning to use her space to do drawings la! So nevermind, I cleaned the room a bit because it is a little dusty since I last stepped in..

What a day la! I need to digest everything that happened and is going to happen today! Later, I am going for basketball training and stars gazing! Haha.. 4th day of CNY and I am already so occupied the minute I stepped into NUS..

P/S: Will post some CNY pictures soon!

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