Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sometimes I really wonder why do I bother to put in so much effort in something that nobody even bother doing in the first place.. I am always doing the backstage job, clearing up when everyone else finishes and disappears in the next second when we are all supposed to do the job together.. I am always doing the 'sai kang' job..Sometimes I really wonder why must I be the one doing them when everyone has a part in making the mess too..

It is in these situations that God's word will pop in my head.. Focus on the small details and it will make a great difference in other people's life.. Yeah, so detailing isn't just important in architectural design (as I was taught so in Architectural Construction 1)  but also in our lives.. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the small matters and just focus on the big events that come our way.. But it is by doing these small details that God will bless us..
Architectural detailing is important to determine the aesthetics at times.. And through detailing, it is how the building becomes complete and in narrating a story to the people who experience the space inside or outside of it..

In a another case, I think I did another blunder in my friendship again.. Sometimes, I just need to keep my mouth shut..Yet sometimes I do not put the blame on myself as it is themselves that made it obvious..

However, I do realised that I talk lesser and even smile lesser these days and I don't know why..Even my friends around me told me that too..Wearing a fake smile and the happy-go-lucky mask for the past 19 years has started to take a toll on me already...

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