Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kids Dance

Gosh, they can dance and they are cute! What were I doing when I were their age man???
Been in Granny's house for 2 days already.. Life's been good here.. Maybe this is a 'retreat' that I needed from all the hall activities and stuffs.. At least I don't have to think of where to eat all my meals as food is not provided in hall since it is holidays still.. I can watch all the TV that I want before school reopens on Monday..Really don't want to attend lectures and tutorials again.. I am being lazy.. Haha..


Anonymous said...

I watched those kids when SYTYCD was still running that season XD

Wackygurl89 said...

what in the world is SYTYCD? I seldom watch this kind of things mah.... U better come back soon!