Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Review

January and February
Got myself into National Service.. Maybe not exactly what I wanted in the first place to be the 'CHOSEN' few but I had fun in Kem Jugra, Banting! Where else on earth do you get to meet this bunch of people man! And now, I got friends from all over Malaysia! And for those juniors of mine who think NS sucks, I got to say, you will change your mind when you go in and refuse to come back! This is also the longest I have been away from my family! Then I started to realised the importance of a loving family!
My last day of NS was the day I took my STPM results. Didn't sleep at all the night before and my eyes were swollen from all the crying as we have to send everyone off the night before. So I had to take my results with drowsiness in my head. I wasn't even thinking about my results until I was a step outside of school la. That is what NS life is about, no stress at all! Results, good enough to get me into NUS! Thank God!

Busy applying for all the scholarships and university applications! Had a lot of headache thinking about what course I want to do, where I want to do it whether locally or privately. 

Got an email that I need to attend an aptitude test for architecture course in NUS. I was surprised. I thought I screwed up my aptitude test and interview!

Interviewer: So, since architecture is your first choice, what is your second choice?
Dumb Anna: Engineering
Interviewer: So, do you think architecture or engineering will be easier for you?
Dumb Anna: Engineering (I am in an interview for architecture course le!)

Maybe they like my honesty! Haha..

Got accepted into NUS which I really thank God because many of my friends who got way better results than me couldn't get into NUS. Then I was contemplating about Bioinformatic in UTM and Architecture in NUS. Someone who is in the right mind would choose NUS right? But I did sit down and think it through as staying in UTM will help my parents to save a lot of money. But now that I look back, I am glad that I made the NUS choice because according to resources there are only 3 chinese girls doing Bioinformatic in UTM and I get to experience all kinds of things here in NUS which I know I will never get in UTM.
Good food that I got before I left for Singapore!
P/S: Will continue the second half of the year tomorrow! Haha..

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