Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back in Singapore till CNY!!

Yeah, I am back in Singapore until Chinese New Year which is exactly one month away...

I am back... Just when I got rid of all the awkwardness of getting back in KL about 24 days ago, now I have the awkwardness of getting back in NUS.. It is really weird, my body feels weird, and I miss home already! Even though RH is kind of like my home already...

I really hate the feeling of sitting bus all alone either from KL to Singapore or from Singapore to KL..It just makes my mind wonder to God knows where, and makes me think of all the things I don't have time thinking.. And I can't stand not talking to anybody in 5 hours.. Totally sucks!

Well, results out today.. I seriously got no comment about it because I seriously didn't set my expectations high.. so a 3.67 is good enough for me this term because almost half of the first term, I got no idea what I am doing in Architecture.. So I am satisfied and thank God that I didn't get any Cs.. Thank God!

P/S: Pics of what I did in KL will be up soon! And thank you for all the early Christmas gifts! Nice!

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