Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in KL

Yeah, I am back in KL!!!!

Haha... But somehow I feel weird deep inside... But why??

After leaving home for 4 months, I think I really got used to the routine in Singapore already! 

Anyway, I will have all the fun I can have.. Can't wait to meet up with all the people here..

For the people back in Singapore, gambateh for exams!! A few more days to go and then u're

Edited at 9.37pm
Just came back from dinner with family! Yay! Eating dinner with family especially granny is so special to me! Miss the laughters over the table! And also how these goblots eat! Haha...

Granny is funny..This is a video of her 'webcam'ing with me yesterday before I came back today! She was totally impressed by the technology...

Oh ya, pics of post-exams partying!!!
Marina Barrage! Nice place to hang out with terrific view at night!!!
Crazy us with the fountain!!!!
Si Jia enjoying the mixed up ice-cream!!
The girls!
Azi and I! We take our twin photo every 2 hours la!!

Shots that I love!
Maybe my legs will grow longer if I put it into blue water... Haha..
Love the reflection effect man!

Fountain at Jackie Chan's cafe... Love this angle!

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Anonymous said...

It's coz u miss me that it's weird. :D :D