Monday, November 10, 2008

Final Crit done!

Yeah, I am over with my final crit like 2 hours ago.. Now I am sitting down in Htin's room blogging while waiting for Ah Boon to come back cos silly me left my key in the room before I left.. In short,I am just being locked outside of my room and hopefully, my keys is in the room.. Haha.. I keep missing things in Singapore la!!!! Don't know who pass this syndrome to me la!!!

Well, how did crit went?? It's okay I guess, just that sometimes Erwin ask some questions that I don't even know how to answer.. Or he ask so many in a row that you don't even know which to answer and then, he just continue what he wanna say leaving you in a daze wondering whether is the question supposed to be answered or just being retoric? Haha.. Overall, instead of 5 minutes individual presentation, I did mine in 20 minutes!! Can you believe it?? I can never believe I actually did an individual presentation for 20 minutes la!! Haha...

Been praying my hearts out for today's crit actually and at least it didn't really disappoint me as much as I thought it will so praise God for that!

Now I really wanna go and sleep! Maybe the upper lounge will do until Boon comes back at 2pm.. Silly me for locking myself out of the room! And hopefully the keys IS in the room! Haha..

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yoke san said...

Tomorow is my result day. Im so nervous and i cannot sleep.