Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye PF2102!


Just finished the exam for module PF2102 Structural Systems...

How was it? Well, it is TOUGH!! Haha.. I've finally learnt not to actually say that I am going to fail it or jump down the building and die thingy..

Spent quite a number of hours studying for it (never study so much in my whole entire student life before - I actually finish reading all my materials for the first time in history when I can't even finish the Biology book for STPM) but it's just the questions, I just can't seem to grasp the concept behind them.. I felt as if I wasted my time studying for it.. Felt demoralized after the paper was collected...Gah! No more complaining.. I did my best already!! However, lunch with the RHAU-ians and Indies really made me happier! They seem to know how to help you feel more relax~!
Boon, studying accounting intensively!!!
Apple juice!!!!! Yeah, got loads more in my room! Need to finish them before I head back to KL!!!!

P/S: Can't wait to have fun!!! ONE more to go!!! NOW, say hello to my beloved bed!!!

1 comment:

John said...

It's not goodbye if you fail it though. :(

OMG JUST KIDDING. I'm quite certain you will pass. ^_^