Monday, October 13, 2008

UCC Week Next!

Yay, I finally finished what I aimed to finish by 'tonight'! In return, I just had to spend my whole Sunday afternoon (almost 12 hours already) in Raffles Hall library.

UCC week! Model- making week! Don't know how it will turn up to be since both are as equally important! Can't wait to see the outcome of the double-tier bridge that Peter, Zhi Bin and I are working on for the past 2 weeks! Can't wait to see how on earth am I supposed to separate myself into so many more of 'Anna's so that I can finish up all my never-ending assignments! Can't wait to see me 'zombie'ing around campus cos I really wanna see how I rugged I will look like! Can't wait to see the response of the crowd towards Raffles Hall Musical Production! Can't wait to get feedback on what others think about sets! Can't wait to get back to my bed! Haha.. Off topic already!

Anyway, I almost forgot about my brother's birthday the other day~! Can you imagine??? I didn't almost forgot but totally forgot about it until Gina told me!! Haha.. If Jason can actually read this, maybe he will come running after me since I forgot my own brother's brithday! Unfortunately, he still cannot read! Haha..

There's been too many wordy entries and I know you guys are sick of reading all my rants! 
I promise, my next entry, I will post up pics that you are dying to see.. Haha..

Till then, 

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Cmate said...

Unfortunately, he still cannot read! Haha..