Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This week is counted as one of the most hectic week.. Cos I need to catch up with all the stuffs that I lagged behind last week! 

I realized that I've become a little bit more grumpy this week! It is not like me to actually want to stay in the room the whole day and just try to finish up whatever I can.

Just came back from basketball training.. I can't feel the ball spirit anymore, seemed to lose it somewhere along the 2 weeks when I was busy with concert runs and skipped trainings! Need to get it back if I really wanna play a good game! 

Concert songs are still stuck in my brain! Maybe this is what they call the post- concert syndrome! Tomorrow, I'll be dismantling all the sets that we spent hours to make. Thank God, they are going to keep the fireplace! And yeah, we get to carve our names on it as builders! Hehe..

Now back to assignments, presentations, tutorials, and readings!

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