Sunday, October 26, 2008

There's A Silver Lining Behind Every Cloud

Today is the day after so long that besides going out for church and Clementi to eat lunch with Aunt Angie and her family, I actually can breathe some air outside of NUS.. After some fuss over who is going and who is not going, only Derek, Thierry, Boon and I ended up in Orchard Road at 2 pm.. You guys really don't know how much I really want to go out and take a walk.. 

Everything were alright until the moment I realized that I lost my PURSE!!!! Yeah, you didn't read wrongly, I lost my PURSE in the middle of Singapore in City Hall MRT Station.. 

I was kind of devastated at first but just by seeing how Derek became more 'kan cheong' than I do, how Thierry making sure that he didn't lose anything, at the same time asking me to calm down and Boon making sure that I checked everything properly, I realized that all this earthly things cannot be compared to the care that I get from the people around me.. These people include Aunt Angie who I called asking what I should do, she just provide as much information as possible, telling me what to do next and whether I need any help with money and student pass and IC thingy..I am really blessed to have relatives like her in Singapore!

I thank God for all this kind souls that God placed in my life.. Yeah, maybe I lost my purse and whatever you can find in a purse but I am actually glad that I have these friends next to me.. Maybe God just had to make me lose my things so that I appreciate the people around me because the previous time when I lost my handphone at the Genting rest house, all the Pengawas gang went frantic more than I did.. It is then also that I realized that I am blessed to have the circle of friends that I have today!
Boon, Derek and Thierry at CHIJMES.. Thank you for actually going with me to the police station to lodge a report, and for actually going through all the mess with me.. I think if I am alone, I'll most probably cry in the middle of Singapore not knowing what to do!
Boon, Derek and I..

Everyone say that I don't look as if I just lost my purse because I am still so jolly and happy.. I can't say that I am not sad but I am happy that I am blessed with something more than my purse. FRIENDS who truly care!

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