Friday, October 31, 2008


I just woke up! MY GOSH, I slept from 7 pm till 2 am..But it was a totally super nice sleep! Never had such a nice sleep for such a long time especially during this hectic week..Now, my sleeping cycle is really screwed up! Wake up at 2am?? Then what time would I sleep again??

I'm done with color workshop! Bridge model!... I have to say, even though it is not perfect, I am kind of happy with my bridge model! (Yeah yeah, pictures of it will be up soon)..As for my lookbox, it's really funny seeing how the others take a look into my box and turn around with it because the shadow effects are really mesmerizing! To be frank, I did turn around with my lookbox for a number of time! (Yeah, pictures of it will be up soon also) Now left with drawings of the bridge, lab report, PF tutorials,portfolio review and gosh, the list is still never ending! 

Who can accompany me to ICA (Immigration Check Authority- I think) tomorrow??I hate going through all these reapplication of student pass alone especially when I am in a foreign land! Everybody seems to have classes tomorrow! A company will just keep me at ease with familiarity!

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