Saturday, October 25, 2008

My cousin, Amelia and I! She seemed so proud to have me studying architecture that she just go around school telling everybody how much torture I have in architorture! Haha..

Deepavali weekend! Monday is hols! I seriously need to go and take a walk around somewhere outside of NUS or else I will go crazy soon!

Yesterday sets is officially over after we dismantled all the sets that we made in 9 weeks! 9 weeks work and we were over with it in just 4 hours! I am so not used to a cleaner sets room.. Used to be super messy with all the stuffs thrown around and we had to work in super cramp situation.. Now, it is clear! No big props blocking the way!

Below are pictures of the 100 colours I collected for the colour workshop thingy! I think my neighbours think I am crazy because for the past week I am sitting on the floor with the portfolio as background and keep sorting colours.. She saw me doing it at 2 am and the at 7 am she saw me again doing the same thing, coincidentally I woke up early so that I can finish it..

At granny's house once more! Stayed in Singapore for nearly 3 months already but I've only visited her for 2 times only.. Such a disgrace! Everytime I come, she just know what to cook for me! Her superb 'har mai' sambal and pineapple prawn curry! Anyway, I got blessed again by my relatives! Thank God for them!

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