Sunday, October 19, 2008

Concert Finished??

The 'spannars' that my group made for our sets heads as a token of appreciation! Nice?Does it really look like a spanner?? We wanted to find something that can represent sets and spanners are the best! So ta-da! Spanners will do! Hope you guys like it! 
This is my group, the heads and of course, the photo frame that is made of CCBs! Thanks Audrey, Chin Wee,Thierry and my group for actually making sets a wonderful experience! 
Our fireplace! THE piece that we can stand up tall and pronounce that this is our work!!! Love it a lot! 

Concert is over already! Can't really believe how time flies so fast! There goes 9 weeks of 1st semester!

Won't be going to the lower lounge everyday at 8pm-12am to do sets! Won't be able to 'argue' with Thierry or Huihua about which colour will suit better for the stairs and fireplace and how ugly the colour is! Won't be able to have some place to look forward to after a whole day of architecture! Won't be able to hear Kevin saying 'What the...' as often as when we are in sets! Won't be getting Looi's smses that always made us feel encouraged! Won't be able to see people searching high and low for more masking tapes, hammer, or even spanners!

Well, there goes one phase of experience that I know I will never get elsewhere!
This is look like some family portraits! And we did it all by ourselves with L-bars, ply wood, nails, bolts, nats, masking tapes, tiger glue, CCBs and paint!
Li Ling, Crystal and I. They are 2 of the 15 casts! They did a great job on stage! 
My roomie and I posing with the photo frame!And I really wanna thank her for everything! For bearing with my messy side of the room because I hardly step into my room besides dumping things and leave again and also taking time to actually help me clean them when I am not around! Where on earth can I find someone like you to be my roommate!
Calvin, Yi Shiean, Derek and I! Good job, people!
This is during one of the UCC run and the seniors are trying to play the role of the casts! It is really funny! Had tonnes of laughters! 
Don't you think the wall, the photo frame and the fireplace just fits in really really well?? Love this pic!

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