Friday, October 3, 2008

Beep Test!

Just finished my beep test aka fitness test! I feel as if my brain is lack of oxygen! Never in my whole entire life have I did any kind of beep test!  It is tiring and later I will need to go and do sets!! I got basketball training twice a week plus a Physical Training per week! I never trained so much in my whole entire life even when I represented SMKBBSP in basketball! At the rate that I am going, I'll soon be as fit as a fiddle! Haha..

Concert is coming in 2 weeks time!! Which means that we Sets-ers need to finish up all the props by this weekend cos there will be comm hall run next week!! I am very proud of my group's fireplace! It's nice even though I still think the brick colour doesn't look like the reddish brick but other people still thinks it looks real! 80% done, 20% to do cos I need to stand for a better looking grill made out of rattan instead of straight metal sticks! Haha.. Will post the pic of the stairs and fireplace when it is done! Now, I am capable of making anything out of cardboard, aluminium sticks and metal L-bars! From nothing into something awesome!

For the meantime, visit for more info about RENDEZVOUS, a Raffles Hall Musical Production!

Pictures of the day!
Azi and I, we are born on the same day same year! 30 June 1989!!
Huihua and I. She is my coursemate and hallmate and yeah, thank God for her cos I somehow like to be around her! Thank GOD for her sanity and insanity! Hehe..
This is my sets group! We are supposed to build a fireplace and stairs out of nothing! Well, I am proud of them! They rock! They made Raffles Hall a better place for me!

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