Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recess Week!

Recess week starts today and will last another 7 days. Everyone is going back to Malaysia or rather say, they are already back in Malaysia except me. And yeah, everyone include my roomie, Boon. That means Anna will die because she won't have anyone to talk to before she goes to sleep, after she wakes up, and someone to complain to when she feel super depressed, Anna will wake up to 4 walls staring back at her and won't even open her mouth to speak until she actually meet somebody in the entire day! Haha.. No wonder I choose to stay in a double room because I know I will eventually die if I stay in a single room, die of boredom!

Now, I am in granny's place in Yishun. Good food!Big and juicy strawberries! Comfort! Family! TV! Yeah! It is always nice to have home-cook food after a month of always eating either in Raffles Hall or out! Granny's cooking is the best man even though it is Hosanna who cooked them since she passed all her secret recipe to her!

I still wonder why on earth did I decide to stay back in Singapore during recess week!! Maybe it is because of the stillness and quietness of Raffles Hall that makes me wonder whether did I make the right decision. I can't stand quietness even though at times I will seclude myself from the crowd to get some peace.

I miss my family! I miss my room even though it is super messy! I miss Bukit Jalil! I miss SPCG! I miss FGA! I miss Children's Ministry! I miss Yen Vi ( I know this is random but I suddenly thought of her)! I miss those happy and silly times with Aimee Lee and Lien Yiny!


ah boon said...

is it a right decision to make? i also wonder that before i came back. the long tiring journey and the sleepless nights are really big sacrifices...
anyway, cure your homesick in ur nanny house, and speak more mandarin, wahaha!

Cybermate said...

YOu miss BUkit Jalil? Pluzz!!