Sunday, September 7, 2008

Now I am at Level 1

Architecture is driving me up the wall that now I am still at 1st floor wall going on to the 2nd floor. Sometimes it makes me wonder why did I choose to come to NUS in the first place and more specifically, why architecture when I don't even have an ambition since God knows when. What make me feel so sure that architecture is what I wanna do for my entire life?? Maybe it is the satisfaction whenever I finish my model or maybe I don't need to mug as much as the courses need me to do. 

This weekend seemed very lifeless to me. On Saturday I did hall maintenance auxiliary, so practically my whole day was gone! Then I stayed up late to work on my model so that I can sleep early tonight. Wanna guess what time I slept?? 6.30 am!! Was too engrossed into the model that I didn't notice the time and now I am regretting that I did the model too complicated that I have a difficult time to draw!! Argh!! But I got to admit, the model is quite nice. It's not that I am procrastinating about doing my assignment but I grabbed every chance that I can to do something about my assignment. Even the lecturer himself said that he can't finish it in 2 days but he expects us to finish it in 2 days!!!

Okay, I know you guys would want to see the model but I haven't take picture of it yet so be patient k??
This is me and my pile of endless A1 drawings!!!

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wayne_zai said...

hey show ur model le