Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zombie-ing Around!

Who says that after going through Form 6, uni life would be easy??

It is so so so wrong! Well, at least for architecture student! It's not that I hate architecture but can you imagine, it is only my 4th day and I only get like 3 hours sleep yesterday rushing for project and then when the critique arrived, I need to redo half of my diagrams.. Not that I am complaining about the tutor who do the critique but I am kind of stressed out because how can I portray childhood memories if i can't even draw teddy bears and balloons..

Got more lines drawing assignments today and somehow, I realised that I kind of love drawing those perspective lines..Tomorrow got no lectures! Yay! That means I can slack for a few hours before going and draw more lines.. 

Anyway, this post is kind of meaningless, I am half-complaining just because I need to de-stress and here I am to advice that don't take architecture if you can't take the stress which thank God, I still can manage the stress and finding that I am actually starting to fall in love with architecture even though classes only started for 4 days..

For something more funny and Singlish,

Chill + Relax = Chillax

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