Saturday, August 30, 2008

From Clay To Acrylic

This is the clay model!
This is the acrylic model under normal condition.
Ta-da! This is the acrylic model in the dark and with light shone on it! Love it!

Actually it is from a piece of photograph that made the clay model and after this acrylic model, we are supposed to draw a drawing. So it is from 2D to 3D to 3D to 2D kind of assignments that takes 1 month to finish. Hopefully my tutor will like this model and not ask me to re-do it.

It's Malaysian Night tonight but I am not feeling hype up or anything while the other Malaysians are busy preparing for it.

Will post more pics if I have the time!

P/S: Singaporeans do not call McDonalds, McD but Mac! The first time I say the word McD, they gave me this stare and wonder why I wanna eat Maggi. Lol! Hello, McD sound so much nicer!! Mac can be random stuffs like Macbook!

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