Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flag Day

to fall off in vigor, energy, activity, interest (according to some web dictionary)

Yay, so we didn't go around distributing flags to raise awareness..But we held on this tin can..
At least flagging was what most of us feel in the first half of the day when we started at Tiong Bahru market. An aunty kind of ask me to go ask the government for funds instead of me standing there asking them to donate to me. An uncle gave me a weird look when I told him I am doing Architecture. What's wrong with Architecture? Without them, no buildings k??
Then, a bunch of Digi-man or rather say thousands of bunch of Digi-man except that these are orange instead of yellow went out and flooded Singapore that the next few months no Singaporeans will ever want to wear orange or even be near anything that is orange in colour..
Need someone to raise up funds for your dream house or something?? She will do. Just give me a call and I will recommend her to you. No wonder she is taking business administration.
The owner of this shop must be Sex In The City fan club president. Who in the world will actually name a shop like with this tag line.It's just like naming a shop Mawi. Yucks!
The trishaw that made us walked up and down the streets with eyes staring at us wondering whether these orange people are gonna raid down their house soon and avoiding us as much as possible. This orange thingy kind of remind me when my great granny passed away a few years ago and we all wore red for her funeral since it is counted a blessing since she had 5 generations of cucu cicit. Some coffee shop lady thought we were some tour group when we stepped into her shop after the funeral.
At some kind of coffee shop that served us super tiny portion of noodles with the price of what I can fill my stomach in NUS and still get loads of change back. And oh ya, we were kind of paid to do the herbal tea promotion thingy.
If you are wondering whose ugly hands are those, it is mine! Did henna-tattoo and to be frank, I didn't think it is worth the 5 bucks and it ain't that beautiful. Thank God for whoever that paid on behalf of me.
Happily eating up the juicy red watermelon. This is my course-mate and hall-mate. Seriously a funny guy. Anyway, why are we taking pics of trishaw, herbal tea, watermelons, henna and many more, it's because our hall incorporated The Amazing Race thingy with the raising funds for charity.

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