Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day As A University Student!

Today is my first day stepping into lectures and studio groups. Guess what we did on our first day?? Draw super duper a lot of lines after the first hour until by the due date which is thursday, I will be seeing lines even when I sleep. Well, it ain't that bad with line drawing because besides not allowing us to use rulers, erasers, and even sharpeners, I am starting to like it. Wondering we drew on a paper how big?? It's A1 size, so if you don't know how extremely huge is that, please feel free to go to any POPULAR bookstore and ask.

Second task of the day came in in the form of photography. I like photography indeed I love it. However, this time we need to choose 1 out of 10 theme they gave and kind of transform it then translate it. It's somehow, trying to enhance creativity but creativity comes with reasons. It's the reasoning part that I hate most because I am not those kind of people that can come up with all the reasons in the world for anything. So that does it, it will keep me occupied till Thursday. Anyway, anyone know where I can print 40cm x 40 cm picture in Singapore??

P/S: When for Navigators camp the other day, had tonnes of fun. Hopefully I got the time to blog about it in the next post! For your info, Navigators is sort of like Christian Fellowship.Now, back to free hand line drawing again

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