Thursday, July 31, 2008


My MacBook Pro!! Nice Nice??
Raffles Hall.. I am now an official Raffles-ian already after the ceremony last night..But I got to admit, the ROCHERS really did a great job on orientation even though there is another week of deprivation of sleep..
Block 6.. Presenting to you my block!!
This is the view outside my window.. Lots of greenery compared to the other halls..
Swimming pool that only NUS student and staff can use..Will go for a swim one day!
The university hall...Only been there once so far as in being inside but pass by it so many hundred times..
Some place at the foyer at the university hall..
Oh, this is my roomie! It is also at the foyer of the university hall..
Athletic tracks and field for students and staffs.. So beautiful! Rag and Flag Day is coming!!

So yesterday we all took our blankets and pillows and head over to the comm hall.. All the Raffles Hall freshies will sleep together.. Yeah, we knew that something fishy was going to happened since they asked us to wear sport shoes..We slept at 1 am after all the fuss of not enough space and we had to squeeze.. I even slept with my legs crossed.. Haha..
At 5 am, seniors woke us up, took aside all of our stuffs and made us walk.. So early in the morning and we had to go for morning jog?? Of course not!! In the end, they made us say a vow about being a Raffles-ian and later get pounded on the back by the seniors..
Yeah, later after that we can go back to our rooms and sleep.. We already had 4 hours of sleep, it's already more than enough compared to the seniors who can't even have their eyes shut for  5 minutes...

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