Monday, July 14, 2008

New Chapter of Life

Reached in Singapore a few hours ago.. About 6 hours ago to be specific.. Nothing much to blog about for now..Tomorrow I'll be running around doing errants, going to settle my bank loan, hunt and find out which package for a telephone number will be more suitable for me, QET test will be on Friday, find out whether Mac or Dell would be a better deal for architecture student, check into hostel latest by Friday and blah blah blah..

P/S: Yeah, I know you guys want pics.. I will send it over as soon as possible!!! It's not that I am using my own computer or something...


snappycow said...

It all depends on the software you will use really.

Dell is cheap and is good bang for buck, but if you have to use programs that are graphically intensive and you need a higher DPI (better resolution), then a Mac would be better.

Probably you could ask around and see what your classmates are using and then decide later. I doubt you will need a laptop right away, so it's better to wait and see.

£¥2 said...

Lucky u yo, that we hv a pc expert !! keke.. as for me.. haha.. i've no idea!! keke..

I'm using Compaq btw.. n ok ler.. not bad!! haha..(helps?)